News Optical Internet Connection Under the Microscope

Optical Internet Connection Under the Microscope

Are you looking for the most advantageous internet connection and not satisfied with average speeds or dubious stability that can be affected by weather fluctuations? In that case, definitely opt for a fiber optic connection.

Optical Internet Connection Under the Microscope

Highest Speed and Stability

Optical internet connection is currently unmatched – both in data transfer speed and stability. Fiber optics form the backbone network of internet transmission worldwide. Until recently, however, this connection option was not available to end users. Today, both businesses and households can commonly use optical connections.

What Speed Can You Expect?

The optical network ensures the possibility of reaching the maximum current internet speed. You can typically find home packages offering speeds of 100 Mbit/s for both download and upload. However, products promising speeds up to 1 Gbit/s are already available. Such data transfer is more than sufficient even for the most demanding internet use. The potential of fiber optics is even higher – scientists have managed to achieve speeds up to 111 Gb/s under laboratory conditions.

How is the Signal Transmitted?

Optical fiber can be made from glass or plastic materials, and the signal is transmitted through it using light. Furthermore, this type of cable can transmit the entire light color spectrum. As a result, a large amount of data information can be sent simultaneously, achieving enormous capacity.

The Advantages of Optical Connection

Highest Stability

Fiber optics have a very long lifespan, are resistant to all forms of interference, can be used even in adverse environments, and transmission through them is very safe. Therefore, you can look forward to by far the most stable and durable connection.

Speed and Future Potential

We have already mentioned some things about the potential internet transmission speeds through fiber optics. Currently offered packages perfectly cover even the highest demands for internet use. Optical internet satisfies not only home but also business users. And what's more, there is enormous room for further acceleration and improvement of the connection in the future. Where old connections like ADSL and others are long exhausted, optical internet is just getting started.

Low Cost

If you are in an area covered by optical cable, you can rejoice. In addition to high speed and stability, you will also get a very favorable price for both internet connection and operation.

Combination with Strong WiFi

If you get a quality router, you can also use wireless internet with an optical connection and connect at high speeds anywhere in your apartment or house.


So far, we have only sung praises about optical internet. Does this type of internet connection have any drawbacks or shortcomings at all? From a technical standpoint, this option can be considered virtually perfect, at least for now. The only weak point is the still somewhat limited availability of this option. However, if you live in a place where optical connection is available, do not hesitate. You can easily check the availability of the technology in an unbinding connection inquiry.

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