About project

Meter.net (and its regional versions) is provided by subject with much longer experience than others, even the major ones! Over 17 years tradition in internet speed testing.

year 2001

First version of internet speed test
source: Archive.org
  • Started under domain zacatek.cz (english translation "beginning")

  • http://www.zacatek.cz/web/rychlost/

year 2002

Czech internet speed test moved to subdomain
source: Archive.org
  • http://rychlost.zacatek.cz

year 2003

Moved again :)
source: Archive.org
  • http://rychlost.webprovider.cz

year 2004

Born of the Rychlost.cz - first standalone domain
source: Archive.org
  • Registration of the Rychlost.cz - english translation "speed"

  • From that day to now, grew into TOP 1 Czech republic
    internet speed test.

year 2005

source: Archive.org
  • Registration and creation of bandwidth-test.net

  • www.bandwidth-test.net

year 2006-2013

  • Creating national versions of speed test server in the Europe with sense of language differences.

  • Developing website(s), optimizing speed test engine, ...

year 2014

source: Archive.org
  • Creation of meter.net

  • Old international not well know website www.bandwidth-test.net was moved to www.meter.net.

year 2015-

  • Obtaining more and more locations for testing servers.

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