News What is WiFi Mesh?

What is WiFi Mesh?

You surely know it. You want to connect to a WiFi network on your mobile, tablet, or laptop, but the signal is weak. So you walk around the room to get that extra desired bar on the icon. However, such a solution is quite annoying and sometimes not even possible. What does the Mesh system have to do with this problem?

What is WiFi Mesh?

How to expand WiFi signal?

First, let's start from the beginning. There are several ways to achieve signal extension. The first and oldest method is using the so-called repeater. The name of this device could be translated as "repeater," and this term also accurately describes the principle of its operation. The signal from the main router is forwarded through the repeater on the same band.

Another option is a slightly more modern tool – the extender. We could call this a "range extender." The function is quite similar to that of a repeater. The advantage, however, is the use of multiple bands. A variant of the extender is the network extender, which is basically a secondary router using wired connectivity. Finally, the latest addition to the family of WiFi signal boosters is the WiFi Mesh system.

How does the Mesh system work?

Mesh systems are a relatively new concept and represent the most advanced way to ensure truly extensive coverage with a single WiFi network. Simply put, the principle relies on a network of several "routers." One main router also has several auxiliary units, which could be described as satellite elements.

All units are interconnected, equipped with omnidirectional antennas, and communicate with each other via the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands. They can also use ethernet – which means a wired network. This system enables effective coverage of even significantly large areas with a strong signal from a single WiFi network.

Advantages of the Mesh system

The Mesh system offers extensive possibilities for using a wireless network in both home and corporate environments. It ensures high-quality and strong signals. In many cases, it allows you to avoid wired connectivity. Another advantage is that units communicate with each other – not just unidirectionally from the main unit to the auxiliary one. Therefore, the failure of one point does not jeopardize the system.

The setup and maintenance of such a network are very easy tasks that even a layman can handle. Configuration is straightforward, and the device itself chooses the optimal way to distribute the signal to ensure even and stable coverage.

When does it make sense to get a Mesh system?

Perhaps the only disadvantage of WiFi Mesh is the higher initial cost. Devices of this type started to appear only in 2016. We can hope for cost reduction in the future. Even now, however, the investment often pays off. You will especially appreciate the WiFi Mesh system if:

  • You have a large apartment or house (or business premises)
  • You have problems with signal propagation due to interference or obstacles
  • You need to ensure a very strong and stable signal across the entire area
  • You do not want to rely on a wired network
  • You want a simple solution with no complicated configuration

You can have the best wifi router for high-speed internet transmission, but with poor placement, you will still struggle with poor signal quality. Finding a suitable place for installing the router is a fundamental prerequisite for quality wireless internet connection. Furthermore, if you want to cover multiple rooms with the signal or connect over a longer distance, you must pay close attention to the placement of the router. By following a few basic rules, you can get the most out of your router.

For perfect (or at least sufficient to meet requirements) coverage of a specific area with Wi-Fi signal, a variety of Wi-Fi antennas serve the purpose. You can find them in brick-and-mortar stores as well as in online shops. So which one will you finally decide on? It is necessary to consider what we require from the antenna, what our investment possibilities are, and many other details that may seem trivial but are very important.

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